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December 17, 2012 / Bradley

12 Days of Anime: Butt Biting Bug: “Brush Your Teeth or You Will Go to Hell”

12 Days of Anime is a project about anime in 2012 from bloggers who take time out of their busy lives watching cartoons and cheering Fnatic’s win over Na’vi to share some short thoughts. Some of these are shorter than others, because some bloggers really want to catch the RaidCall Cup. Appropriately enough, there’s also some really short anime worth talking about.


“But it’s for three year olds,” you say. “Yeah,” I say, “but don’t you watch cartoons for teenaged Japanese perverts, nostalgic middle aged Japanese perverts, little Japanese girls AND twentysomething Japanese perverts, and twentysomething Japanese perverts who started watching the same cartoon when they were only young, vulnerable teenaged Japanese perverts?”

Audience re-appropriation is what you do as an anime fan in the West, and you should be doing some of that with Butt Biting Bug right now. Because it’s a cartoon that takes its concept of a world where bugs who bite butts very seriously. Bugs biting butts is a career for some bugs and it helps the society as whole. Because it has valuable lessons for children that no other cartoon dares to teach, like the only way to cure someone who is physically incapacitated by a massive fart is to fart in their face again. That when your grandpa goes nuts and starts building kooky machines because he believes he’s the next Edison, the only way to handle him when he realizes none of his inventions work is to let him wallow in depression because, eventually, he’ll just give up and everything will be fine. It warns children in song that if you don’t brush your teeth, you will go to hell.

It’s silly, it’s well animated, it’s blessedly short at five minutes a pop. It’s great material to mine for con panels. You can delight your little brother with this over Christmas, while appreciating that someone, somewhere in Japan took the time and effort to figure out what Butt Biting Bugs would learn in Butt Biting school. You’re already watching Sword Art Online, so it’s not like you have any dignity left to worry about.


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